Stills or video, the Nikon Z6III is the partner you’ve been looking for

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With flagship performance inherited from the Nikon Z8 and Z9 in a compact body, the Nikon Z6III gives you the power to outperform in every area of your creativity in any situation

Video performance

The Nikon Z6III takes video features to the next level. With in-camera recording up to 6K/60p RAW, the ability to create 4K UHD/60p from oversampled 6K, and 10-bit log files ready for grading, your footage, whether it’s for the cinema screen or social media, will look incredible. And without the need for external recorders, you can release the camera from its cage and be much more agile in where and how you shoot.

Keep going

With a maximum recording time of 125 mins* you can stop worrying about missing anything on a video shoot. Take in the whole performance in glorious 4K.


Full HD/240p recording means fantastic, smooth footage in full frame at 10x slow motion. The option to record in 10-bit H.265 means you can have maximum flexibility when it comes to colour grading in post-processing.

Go slow

Full HD/240p recording means fantastic, smooth footage in full frame at 10x slow motion. The option to record in 10-bit H.265 means you can have maximum flexibility when it comes to colour grading in post-processing.

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What’s in our kitbag?
Incredible AF

With an AF detection range down to -10 EV and the power of the Expeed 7 processor, autofocus will still latch on to your subject in extremely low light. There are nine types of subject detection – the same as the Nikon Z8 and Z9 – plus subject detection in manual focus, which first appeared on the Nikon Zf.

Rock solid VR

With 8.0 stops of Vibration Reduction, you can go handheld and get the shots you need super sharp, even in low light. The Nikon Z6III also has focus point VR, which stabilises the image around the focus point wherever it sits in the frame, and your video work will be so fluid that people will think you must have used a gimbal.


World’s first partially stacked sensor**

The 24.5MP partially stacked sensor on the Nikon Z6III makes for blistering readout speeds, faster AF calculations, reduced rolling shutter and video specs that include 240p slow-motion and the ability to record 6K/60p in camera. All this adds up to mean that whatever your style, whether it’s video or stills, you’ll never miss the moment that really matters.

Astonishing EVF

The 5760k dot EVF on the Nikon Z6III is unlike anything you have seen before. With higher brightness than even the Nikon Z8 or Z9 (or any other mirrorless camera), block shadows are prevented even in challenging light such as in snow or at the beach. The EVF is also compatible with a wide DCI-P3 colour gamut  – another first for mirrorless cameras – eliminating saturation of bright colours and making it easier for you to concentrate on creating.


Super-sharp vari-angle monitor

With the highest resolution in its class, the 2100k monitor on the Nikon Z6III, with full vari-angle articulation, makes video production a breeze, whatever angle you’re shooting from.

Bursts of up to 120fps

The Nikon Z6III can shoot bursts at up to 120fps (with constant autofocus calculations), where the images are 10MP JPEG in DX mode and 60fps in FX with 24MP JPEG. Pre-Release Capture technology also enables the Z6III to start capturing images with a half press of the shutter button, and one burst can last up to 1,000 images, so you’ll never miss the image that matters.


Flexible storage

The Nikon Z6III has two card slots – one for CFeXpress B and a second for SD (UHS-II) – perfect for long production days and on-board video file storage.

Weather, what weather?

The Nikon Z6III is built for the outdoors. With superior sealing throughout, it’s ready to go where you go. The front cover of the body is made from magnesium alloy, while the top and back covers are Sereebo© P, a carbon fibre-based material that reduces weight of the camera while being as strong as magnesium alloy. Don’t worry about the cold with the Nikon Z6III, either. The camera and battery will continue to function down to -10C. And when you’re bumping along a dirt track to get to where you need to be, a VR lock protects the sensor from vibration.

Heavy on power, light on weight

The Nikon Z6III may be strong, but it’s also light. Weighing in at just 750g, this is a camera for all day (and all night). Its size and weight make it fantastically agile, getting you the images you require without compromise.

Shutter sounds

Sometimes you don’t want your camera to make a sound – no one likes the person at the wedding who’s clicking through the ceremony! But when you need confirmation that the shutter has deployed, there’s a choice of five different sounds, including those from a classic Nikon DSLR, film camera and even a rangefinder.

Line input

Save post-production time on your audio by using the external mic input as a line-level input, connecting your Nikon Z6III to a mixing desk or audio recorder to record pro-quality sound direct from the camera.

Auto Capture with subject detection

Trying to get that image of a shy animal? Leave your camouflage gear at home and simply set up your Nikon Z6III on site with Auto Capture engaged and it will record when the animal passes by. Want to get the sports shot from a position you can’t access during the event? No problem – with Auto Capture you can leave the Nikon Z6III to do the work while you take in the action from another vantage point.

Familiar surroundings

Nikon Z8 and Z9 users will feel right at home with the Z6III. Button and control placements are almost identical except in a more compact package, making it an ideal second camera for pros who need a smaller body that packs flagship power.


*125-min recording time. 4K/60p H.265 8-bit (MOV), cold start, when using an MC-CF660G memory card and an external power source (mobile batteries or Nikon MB-N14 battery pack)

**On a full frame mirrorless camera, at the time of publication


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