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On a regular day my bag is packed with a D5 & D810, and always one or two SB-5000’s. I bring lenses of the standard 16-35 mm, 14-24mm, 24-70mm, 35mm, 70-200mm or 85mm. I like to use new angles and shoot with other focal lengths than I typically use. Because of this I usually bring a 16mm, 24mm, 58mm, 105mm, 200mm or 400mm as an alternative to my standard packing.

-    Nikon D5 is without a doubt my favorite camera. It’s a master at high ISO’s, encredibly fast and it simply fits perfectly in my hand at a wedding shoot when everything needs to go at a high pace and the result needs to be top class.
-    The resolution is also ideal compared to workflow and quality.
-    Nikon D810 is perfect for shooting commercial campaigns. Here I need the highest possible resolution, furthermore I must have a good ISO processing and low ISO noise even at a high ISO. That’s why it’s such a great camera!
-    SB-5000 has for sure changed the way I use flash with D5 and by using wireless flash photographing it’s given me the opportunity to work creatively, at a high pace and achieve a top class result. SB-5000 is perfect when traveling with limited weight.  
-    24-70 mm is a must. Every photographer should have this in their bag. It’s a lens that’s covering a very wide range.
-    70-200 is giving the best opportunities for beautiful portraits plus it’s getting very close at larger distances.
-    35 mm is for sure my favorite reporting lens.
-    85mm is a classic portrait lens.
-    105 mm is impressively sharp and a world champion at portraits and advert photography.
-    200 mm is one of the lenses I’m most impressed with. It’s ultra fast at focusing and is able to deliver extraordinary sharpness at larger apertures.
-    400 mm opens up a brand new world. The large zoom gives me the option to hide the background if I have enough distance. A lens that provides a wide range of creative opportunities.